Strategic Sourcing

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INDENTA derived from Indenting, the main activity of the group when it was established, is today a specialist raw material sourcing company for Fine chemical, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care,  Flavor & Fragrance industries. We support our valued patrons reduce considerable purchasing costs, identifying the best supply options from renowned suppliers worldwide, negotiating the most competitive price possible, ensuring quality and conducting due diligence, leveraging procurement as a competitive advantage in this global competition and increased risk of supply chain disruption.


3Acrylic acid---
6Alpha pinene---
7Alpha Pinene 99%---
8Alpha Terpinene 90%---
9Ammonium Meta tungstate---
10Ammonium para tungstate---
11Anethol 21/22---
14Antimony pentoxide---
15Antimony sulphide---
16Antimony trioxide---
17Beta pinene---
18Beta Pinene 98%---
20Bon acid---
21Borneol Iso, Pure ---
22Borneol Laevo---
23Bornyl Iso Acetate---
24Bornyl Iso Formate---
25Bornyl Iso Propionate---
26Bornyl Laevo Acetate Cryst---
27Cade Crude & Rectified---
28Camphor dab6/dab8---
29Carnauba wax---
32Cinnamic aldehyde---
34Citric acid---
39DL tartaric acid---
41DMBC acetate---
42DMC (dimethyl carbonate)---
43DMF (dimethyl formamide)---
44DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide)---
45DPG (di propylene glycol)---
46Ethyl bromide---
47Ethyl Butyrate---
48Ethyl Propionate---
49Eucalyptus Rect. 80/85%---
50Eugenol Natural---
51Fenchone Alpha Laevo---
52Fenchyl acetate---
53Fenchyl alcohol (Fenchol)---
54Fennel Sweet/Wild---
55Gamma Terpinene---
56Geranyl Butyrate---
57Geranyl Formiate---
59Glycerin BP/USP---
61Gum rosin WW/X---
62Gum turpentine---
63Hydrogen peroxide---
65Iso amyl alcohol---
66Iso borneol---
67Iso propyl alcohol---
68L+ tartaric acid---
69Labdanum Absolute (Ambreine)---
70Labdanum Gum 5/10% Moisture---
71Labdanum Resinoid---
76Limonene Laevo---
77Linalool Natural---
79Mandarin Green & Red---
80Marjoram Wild---
81MDI (methylene exphenyl disocyanate)---
82MEK (methyl ethyl ketone)---
84Methyl salicylate BP (only Registered source in India)---
85MIBK (methyl iso butyl ketone)---
86Micro crystalline wax---
87MIPA (mono iso propyl amine)---
89Musk ketone---
90Naphthol AS---
91Naphthol ASBS---
92Naphthol ASD---
93Naphthol ASE---
97Orange Bitter & Sweet---
99Ortho anisidine---
100Para anisidine---
101Paraffin wax---
102Paraffin wax---
107Phosphoric acid---
108Phthalic anhydride---
110Pulegone9s Min---
115Salicylic acid---
117Scarlet g base---
118Sodium antimonate---
119Sodium gluconate---
120Sodium nitrite---
121Sodium saccharin---
122Sodium tungstate---
123Spike Lavender---
124TDI (toluene di isocyanate)---
125Terpin Hydrate8---
128Terpinolene Commercial---
129Terpinolene Pure---
131THF (tetra hydro furan)---
132Thyme Red White---
133TMOF (trimethyl orthoformate)---
134Tungsten powder---


Recent headlines paint a pretty clear picture that a number of companies are slimming down the number of vendors they work with. Whether these companies are working towards a transformation or just trying to simplify communication with vendors, there are several ways they can benefit from consolidated procurements.


Managing multiple vendors can be time consuming and incur delays in resolving issues. By partnering with INDENTA, you can combine all of your periodic procurement of low volume, low cost i.e. the C & D category products, into a highly responsive single procurement source. Rest assured, you will retain complete control with a pre-approval framework and authorization. You have the convenience and flexibility of buying the same product from your approved source through us. With our vast experience in managing multiple product lines, INDENTA can align your procurement closely to meet your priorities. You can take advantage of our expertise in service delivery to transform your procurement process, control costs and innovate. At the same time, consolidate suppliers and streamline your procurement process, making your resource more effective, while you stay focused on your core procurement of high value/high volume products.

What we do

Strategic Sourcing

Through our extensive database and competitive intelligence, we create multiple supply option for every project to ensure uninterrupted supply even during supply shortages resulting in efficient and effective service level. We do everything for identified supply options, to negotiate the most competitive number possible, ensure quality and due diligence.

Creating Competitive Edge

Organizations need to know how to use procurement as a competitive tool in this global competition and increased risk of supply chain disruption. Procurement and global sourcing can account for a significant overall cost making purchasing a strategic operation with a huge bottom-line impact. Indenta has helped customers reduce purchasing costs considerably, keeping in view supplier quality and performance. We do everything from identifying the best supply options, to negotiate the most competitive number possible, ensure quality and due diligence. Leveraging our research driven approach, procurement can be used as a strategic accelerator to achieve cost savings, product innovation, diversified risks, access to new markets and increased revenue. Our services are used as an automated supplier management solution for most of the global sourcing needs of our customers. Our margins are transparently formulated to create a win-win proposition.


Conducting vendor audits stems from a higher need for quality control. This need for a closer monitoring of a vendor’s qualities and practices stems from an ever-evolving quality control market and an industry where quality products are a necessity, not a luxury. The main objectives for a vendor audit are to assess the quality management of the whole organization, through its procedures and data processes. It is an assessment of quality control measures taken by the vendor to assure that their products and services are acceptable for business transactions. At INDENTA, vendor audit service is aimed at customers that require enhanced traceability and quality confirmation of suppliers for their manufacturing process and are designed to increase customer’s confidence through supplier validation. We evaluate vendors on multiple critical parameters to ensure quality. The primary areas that we evaluate in a vendor audit are vendor viability, management responsibility, system accuracy, data integrity, sustainable development & responsible care. We ascertain that there is no involvement of child labour.

Experienced Professionals

We ensure an efficient, dependable service experience with a term of trained professionals behind you. With best-in-class expertise, process and tools, Indenta delivers consistently high quality support to keep your people productive.

Quality assurance – Monitoring quality

Quality assurance is  “Planning centric” and focuses on the system as a whole ensuring that one does the right thing, the right way .We follow ISO 9001:2008 Quality System process, which is aligned to provide the best management  service  to our valued customer.

Regulatory Compliances & Documentation

We ensure complying with all mandatory documents including certificate of analysis, Material safety data sheets, technical data sheets, specification, Method of Analysis, Impurity profiles, Process flow charts, Bovinve certificates, Microbial test, Batch release certificates, Food Safety data sheet, etc. We have relevant licences and certificates pertaining to pharmaceuticals, Food & Drug Administration, FSSAI, HALAL, etc


Logistic Support- Scheduling, just in time, stocking, monitoring shipments, Building complete truckloads (TL)/ Full Container Load (FCL) is the best practice that nurtures efficiencies and economies in the best or worst of times. Converting less-than-truckload (LTL)/ loose container load (LCL) shipments to full truckloads (TL) helps companies optimize and reduce transportation costs, rationalize asset utilization, and provide better service to end customers. Fluctuating demand, variable capacity, and speed-to-market requirements often challenge shippers to find economies of scale by consolidating freight. Companies can reduce freight transport costs anywhere between 20 to 35 percent by converting LTL/LCL to TL/FCL. We pool shipments together to leverage underpin business process improvements that can have far-reaching impact in the supply chain. By merging shipments and delivering more frequent volumes, we increase turns and reduce inventory. This flexibility drives just-in-time, continuous flow strategies—from production to sale—allowing businesses to pull product at each pooling point and more efficiently match supply-demand.


Flexible finance terms, customized options Making payment to multiple suppliers can be cumbersome and leads to inconsistent cash flow. With Indenta, all payments can be streamlined and processed via a single platform, eliminating the need for multiple payees. It also eliminates the difficulties associated with handling multiple accounts. We provide multiple payment options like L/C, D/P at sight, CAD and customized payment package as per the eligibility and need of the customer.


Packaging plays a major role in maintaining the authenticity of the product. Appropriate for the product Packaging and labeling is considered to be an important indicator of quality. Inferior packaging may adulterate the product thereby liquidating the whole procurement process. We customize packaging wherever needed to suit the requirement of the customer and ensuring proper labels containing information on the hazards of the chemical, precautions to be followed during its use, handling and storage, and instructions for the safe disposal of the chemical along with pictograms, single words, hazard statements & Precautionary statement as per the guidelines of Globally Harmonised System (GHS) of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals. We can also provide IIP certification based on the nature of the product.


One point contact with dedicated team for customer support. We have centralized knowledge base. A library of key information is stored and maintained in our system to assist our customers with the latest and relevant support material. The knowledge management system is populated with individual customer content including customer specific product and services, Frequently Asked Questions, and Known issues. This ensures all ‘How To’ support content is personalized to the customer’s business. We maintain business continuity and respond rapidly to changes in your business priorities scaling to meet your needs and have the capacity to respond seamlessly to fluctuating demands.


Boost productivity

Fast, simple access to support via a single point of contact

Access greater expertise

Benefit from our wide experience and knowledge in sourcing new products.

Reduce management complications

Streamline suppliers and administration to free your team and optimize resources

Lower risk

A consistent and high quality experience through a single point

Control costs

Benefit from a predictable cost making it simpler to budget and align support to business needs.

Enable rapid business transformation

The assurance of best ethical practice, continuous improvement and innovation

Improve overall satisfaction

Agreed response and restoration times help to ensure fast resolution of service interruptions that could adversely affect your production schedules.

Increase competitiveness

A highly flexible and responsive service that can handle fluctuating volumes and changes to adapt business priorities. Transparent margins formulated for a wining proposition.

Improve visibility

Stay informed and in control through comprehensive reporting and regular meetings for better planning, analyzing and decision making.